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TS Buenos Aires




TS Buenos Aires Outfitter invites you to visit our country, where you can enjoy the Argentina Hunting and Fishing experience. South Amrica is very well know for high volume dove hunting and the waterfowl , but Argentina has a great biodiversity for hunters that would like to enjoy hunting the great Red Deer, Water Buffalo, Black Buck, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Goat, Rams, Muflon and Wild Boar.

TS Buenos Aires Outfitters is an Argentinean company that endeavors to receive you in Argentina with the warmth of our people, giving you the certainty that your stay will be satisfactory and pleasant. 
Our aim is to offer you the best personalized service, according to your needs since you arrive to Buenos Aires until you leave. By doing so, we make sure that each day of your stay will be lived at the rhythm of the Tango that gives life to our country. Our organization gathers a crew of hunters and anglers which believe in the importance of ethics, conservationism and excellence of service. For this reason we are members and maintain an active relationship with organizations like the Safari Club Internationa l, SCI Chapters and the Dallas Safari Club with whom we share principles and goals

Argentina Big Game Hunting

 Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most well know places for big game hunting in Argnetina, with several DSC and SCI refences and 15 year experince. 

Argentina Red Stag Hunt

 Red Stag hunting in Argentina is very well know in the world, the hunt that we provide you are unique expeince in the wild lands of La Pampa.