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Argentina Red Stag Hunting Packages

TS Buenos Aires Outfitters | Red Stag Hunts in Argentina

Argentina Stag Hunting Trips

TS Buenos Aires Outfitters is an Argentinean company that endeavors to receive you in Argentina with the warmth of our people, giving you the certainty that your stay will be satisfactory and pleasant. 

Our aim is to offer you the best stag hunting safari, according to your needs since you arrive to Buenos Aires until you leave. 

Well know for our red stag quality and sevice. We organize very personalized trips and we conduct only fair chase hunts. Our Passion is the red deer hunt and we would like to share that experince with you! The Big Game hunting adventure in Argentina is waiting for you!

Hunt Red Stag on Rut


2020 Packs 

Water Buffalo hunting in Argentina

Water Buffalo Hunt

5 Days of Water Buffalo Hunt. No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit 
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Argentina Red Stag Rpices

Red Stag Pack

5 Days with One Trophy Red Deer and One Wold Boar
No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit 

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Father and Son Hunt in Argentina

Father & Son Hunt

5 Days. Trophies Included
No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit
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