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RED STAG Hunting Pack

There is no doubt that listening RED DEER roaring is an experience that you cannot miss. Red Stag Hunts in Argentina start on March 1st and extend until the end of August. The red Stag rut, which is when these brutes are roaring, goes from the first week of March until the first ten days of April. Hunting Red Stag animals during the rut is one of the most exciting, unique and challenging hunts nature can offer. Stalking in the woods, chasing after their extraordinary roars while chasing hinds is a wonderful experience that will exceed any expectations.

5 Days | Location: La Pampa
Arrival Airport: Santa Rosa
Trophy Fee Included:
One trophy and one management Red Stag
Accommodation  | Guide 1x1
Meals and drinks

Price: $ 4500

Services Included

  • Transfer in Out.

  • Accommodation.

  • Meals  and Drinks.

  • 1 Trophy & 1 Management Red Stag. Average Size: 280 - 300 sci.

  • Guide 1x1.

  • Transportation during the hunt.

  • First trophy preparation.

Services Not Included

  • International and Domestic Flights

  • Hunting Licenses.

  • Gun Rental.

  • Tips.

  • Trophy exportation.

  • Extra Trophies.


Get your Place during the Rut!


Water Buffalo

5 Days of Water Buffalo Hunt. No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit 


USD 5500


Red Stag Special

5 Days with One Trophy Red Deer and One Wold Boar

No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit 

USD 4500


Father & Son Hunt

5 Days. Trophies Included

No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit


USD 6000

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