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Big Game Hunts in Argentina
Where red deer come from?

Red deer (Cervus ssp.) are native to Eurasia. Over the millennia they managed to spread—by their own initiative and sometimes with the aid of humans and ships—from Korea to Ireland, Siberia to Java. . But none ever lived in South America—until humans introduced them.

In 1900 the Pampas of Argentina were unique among the world’s great grasslands. Cattle are the most famous livestock in Argentina. Red deer run wild. So do fallow deer, black buck, hogs, and water buffalo.


Our service includes the organization and provision of all the necessary services that our clients need before, during and after their big game hunts with us. Besides the hunting itself we can also provide clients with tourism and sightseeing activities in Argentina.

BIG GAME HUNTING in Argentina is one of the last great frontiers for exciting and challenging big game with RIFLE, MUZZLELOADER, AND BOWHUNTING. We have expert guides with many years of experience who know the hunting and fishing zones and the different species of wild game still living in large number in the Argentine territory; a land un-crowded and unspoiled.


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Transportation to and from the hunting areas is mainly done by plane. All International flights arrive at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires where our staff will meet & greet the clients and take care of the ground transportation to other airports if necessary. 

Domestic flights in Argentina can be either made in commercial or chartered aircraft; in both cases we will assist our clients with the necessary flight bookings and arrangements.

Included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates:

TS Buenos Aires representatives will meet & greet clients at Ezeiza Int. Airport. 
If necessary, ground transfer to other airports from where domestic or chartered flights will depart to the hunting area. 

TS Buenos Aires members will meet & greet clients at the nearest airport of the hunting areas. 
Ground transportation of clients to the hunting area. 
All ground transportation between and in our hunting areas.

NOT included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates:

- International or domestic flights. 
- Ground transfers from BA to hunting areas. 


Lodging in the hunting areas takes place mainly within our own game reserves. Our service is intended to offer our clients excellent accommodations, meals and fantastic wines together with an unforgettable hunting experience. 

Included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates: 

Accommodation at our lodges where clients will have double bed rooms with private bathrooms, hot water, electricity, laundry service and room service. Clients will also have TV, Internet and TEL services available. Games such as a pool table, darts

All of our hunting activities are conducted by an excellent crew of people that include guides, skinners and trackers, which specialize in each activity. We provide the necessary equipment and our team of professionals help our clients achieve all their goals during the trip. 

Included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates: 


  • Hunting guide (1x1)

  • All necessary equipment such as blinds, callers, radios, decoys, etc.

  • Ammo supply (upon request). 

NOT included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates: 

  • Gun rental.

  • Cost of ammunition. 

Trophy Export & Taxidermy

Our crew prepares all trophies before they leave the lodges so that they are ready for a taxidermist to start working. All capes are salted and completely dried and all skulls bleached completely white and ready to place on a plaque before we hand them over either to the exporter or the taxidermist. 

This ensures our clients that we will provide them with the best possible experience while making sure that their trophies get back home in impeccable conditions. 

Included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates:


  • Preparation of trophies, we hand them ready to export and/or taxidermy. 

  • Shipping of trophies to exporter or taxidermist in Argentina. 

  • Information and broker contact, assistance to export trophies. 

NOT included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates:

  • Trophy export and its costs. 

  • Taxidermy. 

Licences and Permits

We only offer our clients legitimate hunting activities which is why they will receive from us all the required licenses and permits at the time of their trip. We will assist to obtain and will provide our clients with all the necessary licenses and permits according to Argentina's legal requirements.

Included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates:


  • Assistance to obtain all hunting licenses and permits. 

  • Assistance to obtain all trophy permits and certificates.

  • Assistance to obtain all gun & ammo licenses and permits.

NOT included in TS Buenos Aires Outfitters daily rates: 

  • The costs of licenses and permits required by national or provincial entities. 

  • The costs of trophy tags, transit and export certificates, permits and licenses.

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