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the ultimate hunting destination

Big Game hunting in Argentina with us is one of the best challengers for hunters that are looking for trophy quality and the best personal service during your stay in our ranch. Numerous medal quality trophies have accounted of official recognitions, such us South American Diamon, Weatherby Awards and more.

We have the best PHs and trackers to guaranty the sucess of your trip.

Do not hesitate in contact us and make your questions.

What the hunters

should bring

  • Comfortable footwear: medium-length boots or gaiters because of the thorns.

  • Rubber boots for dewy mornings.

  • Warm jacket

  • Hunter vest for warmer days.

  • A cap or hat.

  • Gloves.

  • Thick pants to move around.

  • Fleece vest or waistcoat.-

  • Rifle (if they don’t bring we can rent).

  • Binoculars.

  • Hunting knives.

  • Bullets.



Water Buffalo

5 Days of Water Buffalo Hunt. No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit 


USD 4800


Red Stag Special

5 Days with One Trophy Red Deer and One Wold Boar

No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit 

USD 4500


Father & Son Hunt

5 Days. Trophies Included

No Hiden Cost. Non Size Limit


USD 5500

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