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Ready for 1000 shells a day?

IMAGINE a wingshooting hunt ... 
in a beautiful, unspoiled landscape featuring uncrowded vistas. A comfortable, temperate climate. A land of friendly, gracious people. Wonderful hospitality. Savory, abundant cuisine enjoyed with tantalizingly delicious Argentina wines. And the wingshooting? Simply impossible to describe with merewords, but let us try.

Here at T&S Buenos Aires our hunters average 1500 cartridges per day PER HUNTER, but it is possible to shoot many more than that if you desire. The shooting is so INCREDIBLE that it truly must be experienced first-hand in order to be believed.

Current estimates by the Provincial Ministry of Agriculture estimate that a rapidly-expanding population of more than 30 MILLION Golden-Eared Doves inhabit the La Pampa province. 
Here they are formally considered agricultural PESTS, annually destroying more than 20% of the regions' crops. SO, STOP DREAMING, START PACKING, AND COME HUNT WITH US.

What hunters should bring

  • Comfortable footwear: medium-length boots or gaiters because of the thorns.

  • Rubber boots for dewy mornings.

  • Warm jacket

  • Hunter vest for warmer days.

  • A cap or hat.

  • Gloves.

  • Thick pants to move around.

  • Fleece vest or waistcoat.

  • Hunting knives.

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